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I have loved printing and paper since I was a young girl growing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My interest in bookmaking began with journal writing and creating my own journals. After finishing my Masters degree at Middlebury's Breadloaf School of English, writing and creating books became a passion.

I find creating small editions to be the most satisfying as they allow me to perfect my bookmaking skills. I use both the computer and a Challenge Proof Letterpress printer to print my books. I often include woodcut prints as I love the ability to reproduce my own artwork. I have created books about a Bluebird nesting in our garden, herbs to grow in Montana, Scotch Thistle which I pulled along our fence line, and others that are both personal and meaningful. I want these books to demonstrate my love of fine craftsmanship. My books can be found in many private collections as well as the Permanent Collection of Montana State University's Fly Fishing collection.

When I am not creating books, I am crafting fine fly fishing rods for Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, a company my husband Tom and I own.

Please email Tom or Gerri if you would like to be on our reservation list or order any of the following books.

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The Making of the Book

Tom Morgan's Favorite Flies Favorite Waters
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Gerri Carlson presents her latest elegant little cloth-covered book she designed, printed and hand-bound entitled "Tom Morgan’s Favorite Flies Favorite Waters". She collaborated with her husband, Tom, who chose his 12 favorite flies for trout and steelhead writing a short story about each. The stories sometimes tell anecdotes about individual fish, other times giving general fishing techniques, and always sharing a lifetime of memories. His many years of fishing, guiding, and rodmaking has provided a wealth of experiences to draw upon.

The highlights of the presentation are Gerri’s extraordinary book, an elegant 8 inch square walnut box, the 12 favorite flies tied by famous master fly tyers, and a minted medallion showing Tom fishing along with a bust of him. Included within the book are the stories, stream photos, fly histories, and short biographies.

This book has also been collaboration with other talented people to create a really outstanding book. The essay included on this web page entitled "The Making of the Book" (please click to see page) details the creative process and the artisans who, under our guidance, helped create this small treasure.

A small edition will be available over several years.


Tom Morgan's Favorite Flies Favorite Waters
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Tom Morgan's Favorite Flies Favorite Waters
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The Soft-Hackle Flies of Sylvester Nemes

The Soft-Hackle Flies of Sylvester Nemes Title PageThe Soft-Hackle Flies of Sylvester NemesThe Soft-Hackle Flies of Sylvester Nemes
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"The Soft-Hackled Flies of Sylvester Nemes" book is designed using 10 soft-hackled flies tied by Sylvester Nemes himself. Along with the recipe for tying the fly is a short quote from Syl's previous work on why fishing a Soft-Hackle fly is so effective. It's about 3" square. The book closes with a sterling silver fish pull.

$500 Sold Out.


A beautiful little (about 3" square) book with a story I wrote about a Bluebird that decided to nest in my garden which is just outside our bathroom window. I took photographs of her journey daily.

Mountain Bluebird OpenMountain BluebirdMountain Bluebird
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$195.00 (Sold Out)


Inspired by my love of recipes and cooking, I designed a book with pressed herbs from my garden. Included is a short description of the history of the herb, it's historical and present uses. The herbs found in the book are: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel, lavender, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, and thyme. The book is about 3" square.

Culinary Herbs OpenCulinary Herbs ClosedCulinary Herbs Page
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Edition of 50
Books Available
$295.00 (Sold Out)

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Tom Morgan's Favorite Flies
Favorite Waters
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The Making of the Book Story)

Quotes about Tom Morgan's Favorite Flies Favorite Waters

Like everything Tom and Gerri do/pure perfection. R.S.

The flies are perfect, the narrative is highly entertaining. F.N.

Beautiful presentation; exquisite; informative; so impressive.
S. & G.S.

Beautiful book-the artwork, stories & presentation are spectacular. A.P.

A beautiful book! I can tell you both had a lot of fun doing this. D.K.

A very important piece of work for the history and the future of the art
of fly fishing. R.W.

Great book, love the custom case and flies. F.G.

Lovely touch-full of beauty & soul.
A. from Seattle