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Silver and Black Spring Creek Reel

We have found two great reels to replace the Saracione Mark IV Reels. They are made locally and the design and workmanship is the very best. The Classic style SC (photo above--short for Spring Creek) is based on the vom Hofe style in 2 ¾ inch and 3 inch diameters which have been our most popular sizes. These reels have the classic click drag. The RS (short for River/Stream) is a modern large arbor reel which is a very lightweight design with a sophisticated and durable drag. They are available in 3.25", 3.63" & 3.91" diameter spools.

These reels are immediately available.

SC Reels (above)

The SC reels just won the prestigious Grays Sporting Journal Best Reel category for 2015! With all the reels available now this is outstanding recognition for the quality of their work and design.

We have found a great reel to complement our light line rods in the popular 2 3/4 and 3 sizes, the SC reels by Bozeman Reels made locally in Bozeman, Montana. We have been watching their development for several years and are delighted to be able to offer them to our customers with great confidence.

With their traditional designs and excellent workmanship they are a great complement to our trout rods. They take inspiration from the classic vom Hofe S-handle single action style with a simple but effective click drag. For typical trout fishing the click pawl has always been my favorite since it makes a sweet sound when a fish makes a run and also keeps the reel from getting a backlash.

An innovative design of the SC requires no adjustment to be left-hand or right-hand retrieve. You simply set up your reel and line for either right-hand or left-hand wind and you'll be ready to hit the water. The internal click-pawl is designed to function as an ambidextrous component giving the same tension whether the line is going out or coming in. At first I thought this would be a disadvantage but it‘s not at all since on most click reels the difference between reeling in and the line going out is so small it just doesnt matter.

They have bronze bearings; the aluminum frames, spools, and feet are machined from aerospace grade 6061 T6 aluminum bar stock resulting in a very strong and dependable reel that is also very lightweight; and stainless steel handles, screws, ands pillars. We offer two color combinations: an anodized all black with bright stainless steel handle, pillars, and screws; and an anodized black and beautiful smoky silver electroless nickel-plated silver rims with bright stainless steel handle, pillars, and screws. We worked with Dan Rice at Bozeman Reel to develop this special color. The polishing with a soft satin finish is very pleasing to the eye while the electroless nickel-plating silver and black anodizing is absolutely first rate reflecting the overall quality of design, materials, and workmanship. The spools are not interchangeable.

They are also provided with a custom wood box and padded soft case.

They have the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths logo etched onto the side plate.

We are very confident you will enjoy using these reels on your favorite rods providing you with a classic and very functional design.
Model Diameter Reel Weight Line Weight Capacity Reel Price
SC 223 2.75 inches 4.9oz DT2F-4F, WF2F-4F DT3F + 40 Yds 20# Dacron $600.00
SC 325 3.00 inches 5.2oz DT3F-5F, WF3-5F DT5F + 60 Yds 20# Dacron $675.00

RS Reels

Large arbor reels have become the norm for regular fly fishing and for good reason. The larger arbor provides a much faster retrieve rate over traditional small arbor reels because of the spool diameter. Another reason is as a fish runs the difference in spool diameter on large arbor reels doesnt change much resulting in a drag tension that is quite constant.

There are a lot of different reels available but we chose the Bozeman Reel RS for several reasons. It‘s been well tested for several years locally on a big variety of waters and conditions performing extremely well. It is precision machined from aerospace grade 6061 T6 aluminum bar stock resulting in a very strong and dependable reel that is also very lightweight. The quality black anodized finish and overall workmanship is the very highest resulting in a reel you will be proud to own and fish.

The RS reels have a great drag system, called the RDX, which can be easily adjusted with a convenient knob from very light to protect delicate tippets to very strong to tame your biggest fish. The reel drag combines stainless steel and impregnated ®Rulon (think Teflon), a very low coefficient of friction material, into a fabulous drag system. ®Rulon is abrasion resistant, operates well under a wide variety of temperatures, and is chemically inert. All the materials used are impervious to swelling or any degradation due to water. The low coefficient of friction allows the startup inertia to be very low to protect delicate tippets yet provide an extremely smooth drag.

A great drag system is compromised if it gets contaminated with fine silt, salt, or other foreign material. Therefore the RS series has a drag system sealed with multiple o-rings in addition to sealed bearings for ultimate protection.

With so many fishing conditions requiring different lines the RS has interchangeable spools which are easily changed. It is also easily changed from left-hand or right-hand using just a screwdriver and the instructions come with them. Please specify which hand you retrieve with and we will set it correctly before it leaves our shop.

It is recommended if they are used in salt water they immediately be washed in warm soapy water after use. It‘s also recommended to ensure long drag life the drag be backed off when not in use.

If you're looking for the reel that's at home on your favorite trout water or salt flat the RS is the reel for you.

Model Diameter Reel Weight Line Weight Capacity Reel Price Extra Spool
RS 325 3.25 inches 4.8oz DT3F-5F DT4F + 110 Yds 20# Dacron $410.00 $195.00
RS 527 3.63 inches 5.7oz DT5F-WF7F WF6F + 125 Yds 20# Dacron $495.00$225.00
RS 729 3.91 inches 6.6oz WF7F-9F WF8F + 200 Yds 20# Dacron $575.00$250
The reels have an excellent warranty which can be read at this warranty link.

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